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Tiny Houses

I’ve always been fascinated with how people live in small homes. Apartments, houses , RV’s, whatever. Small for me means interesting trade-offs and smart thinking to make it work.

This post from Shoebox Dwelling spurred a few hours of “research” into the subject. I admit, the idea of ditching everything and taking off to roam the U.S. in a small home is incredibly appealing. I’m not ready to pull it off just yet though. So I live vicariously through those who do.

Case in point, my friends the Boyinks and their amazing journeys around the country.

The article points to the blog of Jenna and Guillaume called Tiny House Giant Journey. What an amazing experience.

Even more amazing is the company behind the tiny home they built. Just look at these incredible tiny homes. Want!

Golden Road Brewery

It was my birthday this weekend, and aside from dinner Saturday night, I didn’t have any real plans. So when Saturday showed up all gorgeous, it was time for a beer outing. I’d just spent a few hours compiling a Foursquare list of breweries for just this type of occasion. Here’s a few shots of our visit to Golden Road Brewery.

Learning New Tricks The Same Old Way

I've started work on my first mobile app recently, and the process has been a familiar one. The adage "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" comes to mind, except this old dog is re-learning old tricks to do new tricks.