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I've been wanting to get out and see CicLAvia for a while now. Today was perfect, even if the temps hit 95 degrees.


I've been wanting to get out and see CicLAvia for a while now. Today was perfect, even if the temps hit 95 degrees.

Every day is a gift

It rained here today, which was unexpected but wonderful. Towards the end of my day, I debated plunking down on the couch to watch tv or go for a walk on the beach and see the sunset. The sunset won and I'm so glad it did.

Giving Thanks

It is Thanksgiving today, so it seems a good time to think about the things I'm thankful for this year.

Finding that ON feeling

I've mentioned in previous places here and elsewhere, that I've been going through some serious emotional turmoil the past 6 months. As I expect is normal for most people in situations like mine, I began looking at my life and what it means to be me right now. Plotting a new direction for myself has been difficult.

Get Geeky Anniversary

This month marks the four year anniversary of the Get Geeky here in the South Bay. Four years ago I started the Get Geeky as a way to bring local tech and creative people together to meet and make connections. Low-key networking without the networking.


As I make the tranisition from married life to single, I’m finding there are a lot of things in life that trigger memories and emotions from my past. Most of the time these pass quickly as I drive or walk by. But sometimes they hit like a brick wall threatening to take my day down.

Back 20 some years ago, break-ups with girlfriends often made listening to music impossible. Songs would come on that seemed to speak directly to me, haunting me and turning my day into an emotional mess. I dont find that the case these days. I’m not sure if that’s age, or what, but I’m glad that stage has passed.

Instead, these triggers now are usually places. The little league baseball field where my son played for years. A restaurant. A stretch of road near the beach. Our old neighborhood. The park where we had my son’s early birthday parties.

The brick wall feeling isn’t as strong now, it’s impact lessens as time moves forward. Still, these places haunt me in odd ways. It’s an odd mix of nostalgia, longing and sadness. Longing for happier times I suppose. Sadness for what ended.

Lest you think I’m in some misery drenched melancholy, I’m not. I am actually doing quite well these days. I am finally feeling positive about my future, sure enough of myself that I will not only make it through this, but end off better than I was before. But as life is, I still have days where I’m not so sure.

I am making new friends, some close. These friendships have become the anchor that holds me in port during the storm. And I find myself making new triggers. New places that hold new, happier memories that will hopefully replace the old ones.

Life moves on.

You are not alone

I made a decision at some point during the last 4 months to share what I was dealing with, rather than hide it away within myself. Over the last 7 years, my experiences on Twitter had shown me that being open, and being myself, was an immensely rewarding endeavor.

Music Journaling

Music has always been a strong part of my life. I spend considerably more time listening to music than any other form of media consumption, including TV. The idea of making a monthly journal of songs sounded interesting

Tip for developing locally with MAMP

If you develop websites locally on your Mac with MAMP Pro as I do, here's a tip to be able to see your sites on other devices (phones, tablets, etc.) as you work. This is great for responsive design testing. Some of you may know this already, but I just recently discovered it.