Friday Links - plugins, pizza, maps and more

May 13, 2022

Gathering some interesting linkage I ran across the past week.

I stopped using Google Maps years ago, along with most of their other apps. Apple Maps was rough for awhile, but it has improved dramatically in the past year. This xkcd comic made me laugh.

Call it being lazy, but I never really looked into Netlify plugins until this week. If you use Netlify, there are some really great little add-ons here.

We LOVE mushrooms at the Sims house. This simple mushroom pasta recipe is on my list to try out.

Keeping the food train of thought here. I typically make a pizza for us on Fridays to have while we play board games or cards. There are some great pizza ideas here.

Scoping projects has always been difficult and it won't likely ever be solved 100%. This post over at Shopify resonated with me and I'm taking some of these ideas to the team at work to discuss.

We camp a lot. We've also been doing more dispersed camping, which is mostly off-grid and not in a typical campground. I found this to be a useful list of apps to look over.

I've been using Apple's Hide My Email a lot recently and find it to be an outstanding tool to manage identity and privacy across so many sites. Mike Lapidakis has some good thoughts over here as well.