Resurrecting the blog

Several months ago I got the itch to start posting here again. It has been many years since I had anything resembling a personal blog. Blogging is different than social media, it takes more effort to maintain. And like exercise or a hobby, if you don't keep at it it can be easy to let go.

Written on Jun 22, 2022 in Writing

Cobwebs, Butter and Tumbling

Cobwebs are forming. That’s what happens when you leave something sit for too long. Spiders know these things. Spiders have some sort of litmus test for...

Written on Sep 30, 2007 in Writing

Do We Need a Code of Conduct?

Tom O’Reilly has begun drafting a Bloggers Code of Conduct. I’m hesitant to think that this is a good idea, even though I agree with some of the points in...

Written on Apr 10, 2007 in Writing