The Get Geeky 2009 - 2021

I was building a #wfh web design business back when that hashtag (and hashtags themselves) didn’t exist. My network of friends and work associates was growing over early social media and web forums, but I craved deeper conversations.

I found the Geek Dinner meetup and attended a few dinners out in Hollywood. They were amazing nights, filled with vibrant conversation amongst a wide variety of “geeks” in a variety of industries. This was the catalyst for the Get Geeky. I wanted something similar, but closer to home. Since no one else was running one, I decided I had to do it myself.

During those 11 years, I’ve been lucky to meet the most amazing people through the Get Geeky. I’ve watched as fellow geeks made business connections, friends and even marriages!

Below are some of my favorite photos from the Get Geeky.