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Los Padres National Forest

Took a short, Level 1 camping overnight to Los Padres. Just me and The Eagle.

Written on Aug 2, 2022 in Camping

I'm a rewatcher

I enjoy movies quite a bit. I like some shows, but in general I lean towards movies for most of my media enjoyment. I prefer the encapsulated story lines versus an ongoing, spread-out story that may end up taking 15 seasons to finalize.

Written on Jul 8, 2022 in Watching

Wednesday Link List

Some recent links I've gathered.

Written on Jun 29, 2022 in Links

Hello Portland!

Took a trip up to Portland, Oregon last weekend for my niece's wedding. I could not stop commenting on how green the city is. There are trees everywhere! It's a beautiful city, with the Willamette river running right through the city center.

Written on Jun 29, 2022 in Travel

Fathers Day

Spent a wonderful afternoon in Manhattan Beach with the boy, having lunch at Simmzy's and walking the pier.

Written on Jun 22, 2022 in Family

Resurrecting the blog

Several months ago I got the itch to start posting here again. It has been many years since I had anything resembling a personal blog. Blogging is different than social media, it takes more effort to maintain. And like exercise or a hobby, if you don't keep at it it can be easy to let go.

Written on Jun 22, 2022 in Writing

Long Way Up

Rewatching Long Way Up this week. As summer rolls in, the itch to get out and explore nature gets stronger. I love this show.

Written on Jun 21, 2022 in Watching

Moving from Pocket to Notion - a better read it later solution

I’ve been using Pocket as a read-it-later solution for many years. I was even paying for the service for a few years, but stopped as the benefit of permanently stored articles didn’t justify the cost for me. The service was bought by Mozilla a few years ago, and at the time I had hoped that meant more features would start rolling out, but that never happened. All in all, it’s a good system, but I decided it was time to find an alternative.

Written on Jun 9, 2022 in Tools

Friday Links - plugins, pizza, maps and more

Gathering some interesting linkage I ran across the past week.

Written on May 13, 2022 in Links

Children of Time

I've been working to get myself back into the reading habit for months. I'd saved 5-10 books into a want to read list but before Children of Time, I just hadn't jumped into any of them. I'm happy to say, I finished Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky this past weekend.

Written on Mar 30, 2022 in Reading

Link List

I stumble across a lot of interesting content during my day. Some of it feels worth sharing.

Reimagined Apple Contacts App

Basic Apple Guy, who is never basic in any way, has reimagined the Apple Contacts app. Delightful additions to what is now just a drab and boring app. It's amazing that this app has had so little love from Apple over the years. Check out the rest of his site for some amazing artwork. I often grab images from his site to use as wallpapers.

FKJ: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

I've been a fan of the Tiny Desk Concerts for many years. FKJ popped up on my radar back in 2017 on the amazing Tadow video with Masego. Watching him play is as enjoyable as listening to his music. I'm a fan.

Switzerland Moves Ahead With Underground Autonomous Cargo Delivery

The ideas here are fascinating to consider, and it's exciting to see a better use of underground tunnels than what's been proposed by Elon's Boring Co. The logistics involved in this are going to be very complex, and I suspect it'll be many years before we see anything in play.

Rivian Pet Comfort

As if I needed more reasons to want a Rivian truck. This is so cool.

(Almost) Every Apple Wallpaper Ever Made

What a great resource! I've always liked the default Apple wallpapers for both the Mac and iOS.